Hospital Risk Management

Hospital risk management is highly important factor in healthcare industry because risk is anything that is uncertain and sudden loss. Risk can be anything related to financial risk, organisational risk, inter organisational risk, transportation risk, human resource risk or Hospital risk. All the risk mentioned above cannot be denied or avoided but there are certain ways to avoid it by managing. So before discussing in detail about hospital risk management, first have a look at risk management.

Risk management means examining or identifying the risk factor that can be seen in the organisation. Here identifying and analysing the entire risk major factor then finding a way to fix it or how to make a proper guideline to address an alert about that particular risk factor in hospital. Any risk in Healthcare industry can cost a life of a person. It’s a matter of immediate life and death sometime. So risk management in Healthcare industry is extremely important as this industry prioritise saving human lives.

There are various types of risk in healthcare Industry. Some of them are discussed below-

  • Organisational Risk – Organisational risk can be like lack of discipline and safety policies in hospital that can result in carelessness in safety protocols. Next it can be carelessness in credential check and cross checking of medical document that can risk life of the patient. Another risk can be lack of unprofessionalism during treatment and this can give a big loss to the hospital.
  • Cybercrime Risk – With the rise of digitalization, risk of cyber security safety constantly increases. A good cyber security safety-cover can be a asset to organisation but weak web security can land you in a big trouble like leakage of your sensitive data, breach in your system software. This can interrupt smooth functioning of the hospital and can result in a big monetary loss and a huge data breach.
  • Technology Risk – With the market Trends, it’s highly important to update your machines and Medical application services and tools for better examination and analysis of the problem. By not updating medical tool can result in to wrong reports and wrong medication and this wrong treatment can cost someone’s life and its again a big risk that can shut the organisation immediately.
  • Obedience Risk – the person is in assistant role can make actual difference. breaches in health and safety can be a risk. Another risk is not keeping equipment maintenance record next one is not keeping the regular control and record of medication, unable to document patient consent in their matter, unable to meet the expected quality standards can be a big hurdle at a point of time.

Well there is more risk like legal and political risks. Any Immediate Policy or bill by Government can be an uncertain risk, outdated techniques and Digitization and Prescribing errors. Well, healthcare Industry is dedicated to give services to society for their welfare and medical treatment so it prioritizes the safety of patients. Therefore risk management is the important and strong aspect of healthcare Industry.

So here are some pointers to ensure risk management –

  • Educate Employees – it will help in avoiding risk related to examining and treatment by educating employees then they will be more aware and up-to-date about risk management and market Trends therefore they will be able to manage patient with more care and discipline.
  • Clear Communication – Making clear communication is important. Inter-organisational communication makes a big difference. It clear all the inter-departmental doubts and help in smooth processing of organisation while external communication can help in building repetition and establishing good interaction with general public outside the organisation.
  • Hire Risk Management expert – hiring risk management expert can work on the loopholes of the organisation. Regular updation and keeping a check on organisation. This is the prime role of a risk management manager. A Good risk management plan can ensure your safety and efficiency of the organisation.
  • Cyber security and data security – In this covid-19 pandemic there is a massive rise in cyber crime graph so managing and securing data in network is highly important. Preventing data breaches and customers record is there responsibility of that particular Health Care institution . Any inattention in this matter can cause monetary and non monetary loss to the hospital.
Well, there are more ways to tackle with the risk in Healthcare industry more than discussed above so risk management is important in all level of Healthcare Industry Institutions. A good Management plan can help in finances risk, insurance risk, claims management, accidental risk psychological risk and make you prepared for emergency Situations.
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