About us

www.hospitalsforsale.biz is a platform for buying, selling, and leasing of hospitals in India. This website is owned by Dhumavati Consulting LLP.

We work with buyers, sellers, lessors, and lessees to find the best fit . It is known that the process of buying, selling, and even leasing hospitals can be laborious and this is where we step in!

We do so by bridging the gap between the Buyer / lessee and Sellers / lessors by creating impeccable processes, so that each client shall get the best result.

We aim to keep hospitals operational, so they can be utilized for the benefit of mankind. Therefore, we persistently look for the right buyers / lessee and sellers / lessors of hospitals in order to create a seamless transaction between the two sides.

Our Vision is to –

  • Be the India’s most sought after platform for buying and selling of Healthcare companies.

Our Mission is  –

  • Affordable healthcare for all.
  • Connecting People to create a win – win situation for all.
  • Restart all closed hospitals.

Our Values entail –

  • Honesty
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Innovation

This website is owned by Dhumavati Consulting LLP.

Manas Survee
CEO of Dhumavati Consulting LLP

He has over 16 years of experience in Real Estate and Finance. The years have added to the expertise he has in the field. In his time of work, he has handled various large projects benefitting groups of people at the same time. Through this platform, he aims to facilitate the exchange of opportunities between investors and buyers of hospitals. He is a delight to work with and happens to be great at managing people and closing deals!

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Sanjiv Swarup
Management Consultant

The man with over 30 years of experience has been and is an important guiding factor for the company and its team. Educated in Law, Economics, Accounting, and Finance from reputed institutes, there is no gap that he can’t fill. His knowledge and wisdom are ever-evolving which enables the company to grow and achieve goals!

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